Aviator Glory Casino -How to Play Aviator?

Aviator Glory Casino -How to Play Aviator?

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Aviator Game Glory Casino – Overview

Aviator 🛩️ is a casual multiplier slot game developed by Spribe, a reputable company specializing in casino games and various iGaming products. The company was founded in 2018 and Aviator is their first and flagship game. Since then, they have released many other casino games, including poker, but the Aviator casino game still stands strong as their most popular product.

The reason why this Aviator online game is so popular among Glory casino enthusiasts is its simplicity, entertainment value and the chance to win big prizes.

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How to play in Aviator?

Glory Casino Aviator rules is as easy to play as 1-2-3:😀

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Aviator Glory Casino Demo Version

How to win Aviator – tips and strategies

The real challenge of Aviator is to maximize your winnings by predicting when you will win money and when the plane will have a high multiplier. Of course, as with any casino game, there are no guaranteed methods, strategies or techniques to make 100% accurate predictions. However, some tips and strategies can help you make smart predictions, minimize losses and aim for steady or big wins.

Here are some tricks for the Aviator game:

Low-risk strategies

One thing you can do in this game is to play safe by consistently making money with small multipliers, preferably 2.00x or less. Low multipliers occur frequently and you are unlikely to lose your bets.

Playing safe also means betting slightly larger amounts. This is because if you bet $1 each time and withdraw at 1.50x, you will only win 50 cents each round. But if you deposit $10 and cash out at 1.20x on the first round, you’ll win $2, which is four times your previous winnings.

However, don’t bet large amounts like $50 or $100 with this strategy. This is because even if just one round ends very quickly with a multiplier of 1.10x or lower, you will still lose a large amount.

Balance between high and low stakes

The game allows you to make two bets in the same round and you can take advantage of this by making a big and a small bet at the same time. Play it safe by setting the big bet to an automatic cashout of 2.00x or lower and risk a smaller stake to win big.

For example, let’s say you set a $100 bet to 1.20x automatic cash out and plan to cash out a second bet of $10 manually. You could win $20 on the first bet, so even if you lose on the second bet, you will have won an extra $10 in total. This gives you the freedom to pursue higher multipliers on your second bet.

Start with small bets and increase your bets according to the amount you win

This is a risk-taking strategy while minimizing losses. Start with small bets and play it safe, cashing out at 2.00x or less in most cases. If you are lucky enough to win several rounds in a row (which is likely to happen if you cash out early), you can take a risk by betting some of your winnings.

For example, let’s say you start with $100 and after a few rounds your balance is $200. You can risk $50 on your next bet. Even if you lose, you will have $50 more money than you originally bet. Remember that you shouldn’t get carried away with this strategy. This means that if you bet half of your winnings and win again, don’t repeat the process and go back to playing it safe for the next few rounds.

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